We Educate Cupping Professionals

Cupping Academy provides educational resources and tools to cupping professionals and educators. We view cupping as a historically and culturally relevant practice. We employ a BioPsychoSocial lens as we investigate claims and uses for suction cups in therapeutic contexts.

You'll find layers of support here, whether you're looking into cupping for the first time, or updating your 

knowledge base. We not only provide resources for cupping enthusiasts - we educate cupping educators! 

Cupping Academy founder, Rachael Scott, BS, LMT is a licensed massage therapist in Seattle, Washington. She is internationally recognized as a cupping expert and educator. 

We believe in changing narratives

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the narrative around cupping by dismantling pseudoscientific claims, and  fostering thoughtful, science-informed insights into the practice. 


Our Vision

We stand for a vision of cupping within a science-informed, culturally-responsive, biopsychosocial model of healthcare; where the advantages of offering cupping are clearly understood and delivered without pretense or empty promise.

Join us and become a great educator!

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